Mosquito Control

Mosquito Prevention

 The rainy weather our area recently experienced has brought ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes, especially the kind that can carry mosquito-borne illnesses such as Zika, Dengue Fever, West Nile Virus and others.  Fight mosquitoes by following these simple steps!  Cover windows with screens , shut doors, drain, refresh, or cover anything around buildings that can hold water at least weekly. Put away outside items that are not being used. Cover skin with long sleeves shirt and pants, use EPA approved insect repellents.

Zika Awareness and Prevention Poster (PDF)

Mosquito Prevention Poster (PDF)

Mosquito Prevention Tips (PDF)


Mosquito Prevention Tip #1 – Tip and Toss!
Did you know mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water? Just a bottle cap of water is all they need! That’s why you must be diligent and check your surrounding area once a week and dump out any standing water. Tip and toss!

• Discard old tires, drums, bottles, cans, pots and broken appliances.
• Turn over empty pots and buckets.
• Replace the water in birdbaths and pet dishes at least once a week.
• Clean out eaves, troughs and gutters.
• Pick up beverage containers and cups.
• Drain water from boats and tarps.
• Cover windows and doors with screens.
• Maintain the proper chemistry in swimming pools, and empty plastic pools when not in use.
• Visit and check out a link in the top left corner that will show you how to find mosquito larvae and pupae in outdoor containers.

Mosquito Prevention Tip #2- Cover Your Skin!

From Zika and Dengue to the West Nile virus, mosquitoes not only hurt when they bite, they also can infect you with viruses that make you sick. In addition, Zika has been linked to birth defects in children.

Cover Your Skin!
Use insect repellent.
Use mosquito netting on cribs, strollers and baby carriers.
Keep doors and windows shut.
Keep screens on all windows, repair holes in screens.

Mosquito Control

Residents who live in Orange City and would like to request mosquito control should call Public Works at 386-775-5447.

County residents can request service at

For more information about Volusia County Mosquito Control, please visit

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