Blood Pressure Checks

Free Blood Pressure screenings are available to the public at Fire Station 67 on a drop-in basis.  As long as Fire personnel are not committed to a call, they will be able to provide a screening.

Home Smoke Detector Program

The Orange City Fire Department provides assistance in checking smoke detectors and providing new smoke detectors for those who qualify.  Initiate a request by calling 386-775-5460.  Fire personnel are not able to install smoke detectors not provided by the Orange City Fire Department.

Fire Station Tours

Tours of Fire Station 67 are available to the public on an appointment only basis.  If you are a school, daycare, or an interested resident, please call 386-775-5460 to schedule a tour.

Sharps Disposal Program

Residents of Orange City and DeBary may go to Station 67 (215 N. Holly Ave, Orange City) or Station 33 (75 S. Charles Richard Beall Blvd, DeBary) to pick up your initial used sharps container.

  1. After normal injections or blood test, dispose of sharps into the container. Do not clip or recap the needle.
  2. Do not attempt to retrieve sharps after they have been placed in the container.
  3. When the container is 75 % filled, use the locking mechanism on the lid to secure it. Place strips of adhesive tape across the top of box. Do not overfill the sharps box.
  4. Return the sealed container to either fire station drop-off site, exchange it for a new one and repeat the process.

When making the exchange, always give the filled sharps box to authorized personnel. Never leave a sharps container unattended. The Sharps Disposal Program is only for residential use.  No commercial containers will be accepted.  ID is required for proof of address.

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