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The Adopt-A-Road and Adopt-A-Park Programs are volunteer litter control programs sponsored by the City of Orange City. Participants agree to pick up trash and litter on a specific City maintained road or park that they adopt, for a period of two (2) years. Adopters may select any unadopted road or park in Orange City that your group or organization can handle within your time and man-power constraints.

Any civic-minded individual, group or organization can adopt a City park or road. Garden clubs, corporations, Scout groups, student organizations, social clubs, youth sport organizations and homeowner associations are just a few examples.

Both programs aim to promote neighborhood cohesiveness and to project an attractive city with a comfortable quality of life. Joining either program is a way to get acquainted with your neighbors.  There are no costs involved in participating in our Adopt-A-Road or Adopt-A-Road programs, only a little of your time.

Adopt a Park - Keep Orange CIty Beautiful
Park Availability Table

Park NamePark AddressAvailable or Reserved
Coleman Park200 East Blue Springs AvenueThe Journey Church
Dickinson Park120 East Graves AvenueOrange City Fire Cadets Post 1890
Mill Lake Park207 East Blue Springs AvenueKmarks Events
Oak Avenue Park197 North Oak AvenueAnthony Pupello and Family
Valentine Park1511 West French AvenueThe Thomas Family Honoring Those Who Fight Cystic Fibrosis
Veterans Memorial Park426 South Volusia AvenueThe Journey Church
Waggin’ Trail Dog Park1201 South Leavitt AvenueCub Scout Pack 420 OC


Please click here to download the Adopt-A-Park application.

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Road Availability Table

Road Segment SpecifiedAvailable or Reserved
French AvenueEast – 17/92 to Leavitt AvenueAvailable
Leavitt AvenueNorth – French avenue to Wisconsin AvenueAvailable
Leavitt AvenueSouth – Ohio Avenue to Graves AvenueAvailable
Ohio AvenueEast – 17/92 to Leavitt AvenueAvailable
Holly AvenueSouth- University to Blue Springs AvenueReserved
Rhode Island AvenueEast – 17/92 to Leavitt AvenueAvailable
Carpenter AvenueSouth – Ohio Avenue to Graves AvenueAvailable
Carpenter AvenueNorth – Graves Avenue to Lansdowne AvenueAvailable
Blue Springs AvenueWest – Sparkman Avenue to 17/92Available
Blue Springs AvenueEast – 17/92 to Leavitt AvenueAvailable
Graves AvenueWest – Sparkman to 17/92Available


Please click here to download the Adopt-A-Road application.

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