Orange City CRA

Welcome to the Orange City redevelopment page. This is an exciting time for the City as we lay the groundwork for the redevelopment and revitalization of Volusia Avenue and the surrounding neighborhoods.

What is a CRA?
CRA stands for Community Redevelopment Agency.  It is a public entity created by a city or county to implement community redevelopment activities.  Orange City’s CRA Board consists of the members of the City Council.  The CRA is charged with undertaking redevelopment functions in the district.  It is a decision making body. City staff works with the CRA Board to carry out the CRA plan and manages the tax increment fund.  The Board meets on an as needed basis, generally before Orange City Council meetings.

Development Services Director: Becky Mendez
Email:                moc.y1534374909ticeg1534374909naror1534374909uo@ze1534374909dnemb1534374909
Address:            205 E Graves, Ave
Orange City, Florida 32763
Phone:               386-775-5418

Board members (PDF)

Below are agendas and minutes from CRA meetings.

2018 AgendasAgenda ItemsMinutesAudio (MP3)
June 26th 2018
March 27th 2018
Complete Packet
3A, 3B, 4March 27th 2018
2017 AgendasAgenda ItemsMinutesAudio (MP3)
December 12th 2017
Complete Packet
3A, 3B, 4December 12th 2017December 12th 2017
September 26th 2017
Complete Packet
3A, 4A, 5A, 5BSeptember 26th 2017September 26th 2017
July 25th 2017
Complete Packet
3July 25th 2017July 25th 2017
Due to technical difficulties the first twenty minutes of the audio is not available
June 27th 2017
Complete Packet
3A, 4A, 4BJune 27th 2017June 27th 2017
April 25th 2017
Complete Packet
3April 25th 2017April 25th 2017
March 28th 2017
Complete Packet
3, 4, 5March 28th 2017March
28th 2017
2016 AgendasAgenda ItemsMinutesAudio (MP3)
Decembr 13th 2016
Complete Packet
3A, 3BDecember 13th 2016December 13th 2016
September 27th 2016
Complete Packet
3ASeptember 27th 2016September 27th 2016
June 28th 2016
Complete Packet
1, 2June 28th 2016June 28th 2016
March 22nd 2016
Complete Packet
2, 3March 22nd 2016March 22nd 2016
2015 AgendasAgenda ItemsMinutesAudio (MP3)
September 22nd 2015
January 21st 2015
January 13th 2015
Complete Packet
3A, 3B, 3CJanuary 13th 2015January 13th 2015

Annual Reports


Legal Documents

View: Quick Facts – (PDF)

View: City of Orange City – Community Redevelopment Plan  – Final: January 2015 – (PDF)

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