City Manager/Administration
City Hall
205 E Graves Ave.
Orange City, FL 32763
Phone: 386-775-5400
Fax: 386-775-5416

The City Manager serves as the City’s executive and oversees City departments. The department includes the City Manager, Human Resources, Public Information Coordinator, and Information Technology.

The City Manager’s responsibilities include:

  • Managing the City’s business and carrying out the Council’s plans and orders by coordinating the work of all the City’s departments and employees.
  • Enforcing City laws and applying Council policies.
  • Expending funds as authorized by the City Council in the budget.
  • Making recommendations to the Council on legislation, financial programs, capital improvements, policies, employment, services and other matters as requested.
  • Keeping the Council informed of the city’s business and financial condition.

Picture of City Manager Dale Arrington
City Manager  

Dale Arrington – moc.y1550366095ticeg1550366095naror1550366095uo@no1550366095tgnir1550366095rad1550366095
Phone: 386-775-5408

Administration Staff Directory

Executive Assistant
Chaleak Grier –moc.y1550366095ticeg1550366095naror1550366095uo@re1550366095irgc 1550366095
Phone: 386-775-5408

Human Resources/Risk Manager
Andy McNeill – moc.y1550366095ticeg1550366095naror1550366095uo@ll1550366095iencm1550366095a1550366095
Phone: 386-775-5457

Public Information Coordinator
Danielle FitzPatrick – moc.y1550366095ticeg1550366095naror1550366095uo@kc1550366095irtap1550366095ztifd1550366095
Phone: 386-775-5410

Information Technology Manager
Matthew Place – moc.y1550366095ticeg1550366095naror1550366095uo@ec1550366095alpm1550366095
Phone: 386-775-5473

City of Orange City Non-Discrimination Statement/Policy (PDF)

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