Experiencing discolored water?

Why is my water discolored?

Old pipes in the distribution system were found to be damaged by minerals (i.e. iron) and lack of unidirectional flushing.  Minerals like iron are not harmful but they can cause discolored water.

Will the pipes be replaced?

From 2015 thru 2019, the City spent about $9 million dollars replacing defective water pipes.  However, we are not done and the City is currently working with the State Revolving Fund (SRF) on a loan Agreement to spend another $8.2 million.  Once the SRF Agreement is signed, the City will hire an engineering firm to design the new pipes included in the Water System Facilities Plan.  The new pipe rehabilitation area design will take 6-8 months.  Pipe rehabilitation is scheduled to start shortly after the design is completed and after the SRF approval.

If you are experiencing discolored water, here are a few inspections you should complete for your property:

  1. If you have a filtration system, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions.  Filters can clog, cause discolored water, and reduce water pressure.
  2. Inspect the water line from the meter into your house.  If it is galvanized material, this pipe may be causing you the problems. Galvanized piping was commonly used in homes built before 1960.  Water systems have learned that decades of exposure to water will cause pipes to corrode and rust inside.
  3. If you notice discolored water when you use hot water, then it is time to flush your water heater system (task should be completed by a plumber).

If, none of the above applies to you, do not hesitate to call the City of Orange City at (386) 775-5444.  We are here to help you.  Our Water Distribution Staff are on standby duties to serve you outside normal working hours, and we will be happy to assist you.