Orange City’s Monarch City USA Designation 

Wednesday, August 28 at 4 pm
Dickinson Park, 120 East Graves Avenue

Monarch City USA, a nationwide organization, recently named Orange City as a Monarch City. Join us as we celebrate Orange City’s commitment to preserve and grow the dwindling monarch butterfly population.

The monarch population has plummeted with nearly a billion vanishing since 1990. Monarchs are critical to nature because they pollinate plants, helping grow many foods — including apples, strawberries, cantaloupe and peppers — humans and animals rely upon.

Orange City’s butterfly garden, featuring monarch attracting milkweed and nectar plants, will be unveiled on August 28 at Dickinson Park, 120 East Graves Ave, Orange City, at 4 pm. The garden was designed by Master Gardener Teresa Watkins of She-Consulting who will be present at the unveiling to discuss the best type of plants for butterfly gardens. A butterfly release will follow.

For more information about the butterfly garden unveiling, please call 386-775-5410.

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